Our history

The denominated enterprise "Fratelli Carlet Valerio & Vito s.n.c" which was constituted in 1985 by the brothers Valerio and Vito, roots itself in the accumulated experience of the firm in the construction business for various years. These years of accumulated experience were years during which the father of the above-mentioned brothers, Arduino Carlet, whose track record in the construction business dates back to the '50s, obtained unprecedented results proving that this construction firm was ahead of the times and was already anticipating construction trends. Arduino Carlet's children stepped in and took over their father's construction business by widening the firm's structure with personal equipments and materials, but above all they had ideas (and entrepreneurial charisma) all of which has been applied during the years in their contribution to make this construction firm a household name held in high esteem by industry insiders and customers alike in the territory where they have been operating and working. Growth and innovation has brought this firm to specialize in construction projects of huge dimensions both in the private as well as the public sector, with the realization of residential buildings, including industrial, corporate, tourist, and academic restructurings, all characterized by a common denominator or rather quality and efficiency which are the primary objectives that this firm aspires to attain.


Experience and devotion are two factors responsible for the emergence of the Fratelli Carlet Valerio and Vito enterprise in the entrepreneurial scene in the Triveneto region as a firm geared towards the innovation and the quality of their product. The pursuit of continuous improvement of their performances, the qualitative growth of the product, the satisfaction of the customer and trying to create with this last objective (customer satisfaction) a transparent relationship based on trust and on loyalty, are all cardinal to the firm's philosophy. Besides, innovation turns towards researching and exploiting of new technologies; constructive and material systems that create opportunities for energy conservation; preserving and also improving the quality of works is a new horizon aspired by the firm with the objective to sustain the environment in an age when much is spoken about ecology, sustainable development and the interest generated by these issues is constantly increasing. All of these factors breathe life into the firm and feeds our job with enthusiasm that turns out to be the basis of our daily commitment and devotion. As a result, the whole business group makes itself available by being constantly committed and devoted in order to be able to accomplish the construction projects and obtain a lot of success.

Certificates and acknowledgements

riconoscimento logo soa

In 2004 the firm obtained the SOA attestation released by Soa Northeast Spa for the following categories:
-category OG1 (civil and industrial Buildings) classified VI (up to EURO 10.329.138);
-category OS21 (special structural Works) classified III (up to EURO 1.032.913).
This attestation constitutes an element of inalienable guarantee to operate in the public jobs sector, offering the possibility to participate in contract bids in various categories and the chosen sum.

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Another important goal attained by the firm in 2005 is the Certification of Quality UNI-EN ISO 9001-2000 that represents the title, recognized in the European level, of the certification of business quality system for planning, construction, maintenance of civil and industrial buildings and for the planning and execution of public works.

Advertise and comunication

The Fratelli Carlet Valerio and Vito construction firm pays close attention to traditions, to culture and the sporting activities of the territory where it operates sustaining some local initiatives and some associations, amongst which are:

• Associazione Pro Belvedere www.probelvedere.it
• Associazione Pro Cordignano www.prolococordignano.wordpress.com
• SSD Sacilese Calcio www.sacilesecalcio.it
• Associazione Calcio Sarmede www.calciosarmede.it
• Associazione Calcio Cordignano
• Volley Solandra Cordignano